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We Are On A Mission

We believe in the transformative power of real food, the way it makes us feel and how it impacts the world we live in. We empower busy people to eat clean without compromise because you shouldn’t have to choose between health, convenience and amazing tasting food. We make a healthy lifestyle easy. Our chefs and dietitians reimagine comfort food and then create those favorite dishes with a healthy twist.

At Snap Kitchen we are just as passionate about our people as we are about food! Being a part of Snap Nation means that you are a critical part of us realizing our goals and will play an integral role in helping to shape our business. We will encourage you to sample our fresh, prepared meals made from scratch, collaborate with super cool thought leaders and experience firsthand how easy clean eating can be.

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  • Would you fight Chuck Norris for a chance to devour a HEALTHY brownie?
  • Do you like hanging out with super cool people?

Our Job Openings

Thank you for your interest in snap kitchen!

If you are interested in working at a specific Snap location, please submit your resume and cover letter You can always drop by the store in person instead to submit your application. We’ll keep your information handy should a position open up that matches your skillset. Thanks!